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Mouse Pads

Mouse Pads

Navigate with Comfort on Personalized Mouse Pads! 

Enhance your workspace with custom mouse pad printing. Create ergonomic and stylish pads that reflect your personality or brand. Our smooth and durable surfaces ensure smooth gliding and precise control. Boost productivity and comfort with Copyshop’s custom mouse pad printing! 

Mouse pad printing allows you to design and create personalized mouse pads that not only add style to your workspace but also offer comfort and practicality. With smooth and durable surfaces, these custom mouse pads provide precise control and a smooth gliding experience. Whether for personal use or branding purposes, Copyshop’s custom mouse pad printing enhances productivity and makes your workspace uniquely yours.

Product Details:

Orientation: Horizontal or Vertical

Mesh Banners
• Woven polyester mesh
• Included grommets
• Weather-resistant
Best for: Outdoor events

Vinyl Banners
• Vinyl (13. oz or 15 oz.)
• Optional grommets
• Easiest to read
Best for: Indoor/Outdoor use

Retractable Banners
• Vinyl Banner and Metal Stand
• Included Carrying Case
• Fastest Setup
Best for: Indoor/Trade Shows

Available Sizes
1.7′ x 3′
2.5′ x 4′
2.5′ x 6′
2.5′ x 8′
2.5′ x 10′
2.5′ x 12′
4′ x 4′
4′ x 6′
4′ x 8′
4′ x 10′
6′ x 10′
8′ x 10′
4′ x 12′
6′ x 12′
8′ x 12′